s JoyInc Loan Solutions | We offers loans in Kenya at attractive interest rates to meet your personal and business needs

JoyInc Group empowers and enriches our clients through tailored credit and insurance, growing and securing their wealth. Our services are provided through two sister companies JoyInc Insurance Agency Limited and JoyInc Solutions Limited.

JoyInc Solutions Limited provides grows the wealth of our clients by providing access to loans/credit to the unbanked, low income earners who have little or no access to traditional financial services. Our loans finance the acquisition of productive assets based on right to own and other innovative delivery mechanisms. We empower and grow the wealth of our clients through responsive credit policies that widen access and finance inclusion to those who need it most.

Our passion is to provide best in-class credit and insurance innovations and service delivery to our clients. We measure our success by our customer’s success. Our aim is to transform lives and change communities.