Joyinc High Yield Investments

The JoyInc High Yield Investment solution allows you to invest in a flexible and convenient setting, at your own pace, and make a difference in people’s lives. Funds are invested in high-yielding assets backed credit that creates a lasting positive social impact and guarantees a return higher than comparative market rate.

The team's expertise and knowledge enable us to offer our investors higher return investments guaranteeing a minimum return of 15% per annum which is higher than the market average.

Features and benefits

  • Guaranteed minimum annual return of 15%
  • Invest according to your ability and at your own pace
  • No hidden charges
  • M-Pesa option for investment (PAYBILL 656964)
  • Interest compounded quarterly
  • Monthly Investor statements
  • Partial or full withdrawal can be made anytime.
  • Investors can also top up in to the account anytime
  • Create lasting impact in lives of underserved communities in Kenya

The JoyInc High Yield Investment is Ideal for

  • Building up investment for emergencies;
  • Building up investment for groups and investment clubs;
  • Managing your business’s surplus funds;
  • Investing to create capital for future business start up
  • Investing money for short-term financial needs such as school fees, holidays, household goods.
  • Investment for long term goals such as raising mortgage deposit, weddings and real estate investment

Social Impact

  • Create Jobs
  • Reduce inequality
  • Eradicate poverty
  • Build strong families
  • Empower underserved communities in Kenya

High Yield Solutions are private products that are not regulated and only offered through private offers. Contact us for more information

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